Keep Your Network Marketing Business Simple As ABC

There is a tendency to over complicate the Network Marketing business. Really it is a simple concept with a tried and tested process behind it, available to anyone at anytime, with the same opportunity open to all. What a great approach!

Avoid trying to re-invent the network marketing business model and complicate the well oiled system. The company will have proved it works. Each network marketing company may be a little different but the basic principles do not change, embrace them and use them each day.

Here is a way to remember the core principles for you to practice daily, to grow your network marketing business and achieve your goals.

A=Always be prospecting. This is a critical step and nothing will happen unless you speak to people about your business. Your goal is simply to talk to people about what your business offers. Talk about the products and services and invite them to take a look and to decide for themselves. Tell your story and why you have set up your business. Listen to what your prospect says, pick up on what they need and want and take some time to build a relationship with them, so they feel they can trust you. Remember the magic phrase WIFM – What’s in it for Me? Be ready to talk about how they can build up their own business too – if they show interest.

B=Be disciplined with follow-up. Once you have introduced your network marketing business to them, agree times to get back in contact or set up a diary reminder to give them a call, drop them an email or a card. Plan it in and ensure everyone you have spoken with, gets some sort of regular follow-up. Don’t hound them though – be respectful of their schedule, just keep in touch and let them know you are still there. Talk about how it’s going to help them, be of benefit to them and solve a challenge they have in their life. Make notes and remember this is about your prospect not about you!

C=Care about your team and your customers. You will be signing people up to join you in your business – so practice this skill and feel comfortable with this step. Arrange times to keep in contact with your team and provide any support that is needed to get them going and building their business. Build strong relationships with your customers, help them to get the most out of the products or services your network marketing business offers. Keep in contact with them and nurture them.

Keep it as simple as possible day to day, remember you want people to see how easy it can be to duplicate your business. Remember the ABC core principles for your Network Marketing Business.